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India Marney

The sea. 

I admire the sea.  

The fluidity of water. 


Tactile qualities. You can feel it, but you cannot see it. 

You can’t explain it. Can it be put into words? 

To touch. 

The moment you can’t quite grasp. Through language or through feeling. 

The space in-between. 


Liminal space between being and becoming. 

The conversation we had the other day, I hold it dear. 

I / we.

The moment between this and that. 

Fleeting moments. The ephemerality of everything. 




Landscape. The nature. 

The feeling, fleeting. 

Beauty & terror. 

Understanding, while not knowing. 


Ideas coming from life. Life coming from ideas. 

Georg W. Bertram wrote “Art is a practice for which reference to other practice is essential”

“Reference to other practice is essential”

Living lives. 

Ideas coming from life. Life coming from ideas. 

Continuity of things.

Human practice as the basis of art. 

Art means everything. Art meaning nothing. 







Play as creation. Creation as play.

Play for healing. Play for learning. Play for connection. Play for fun. 


Everyday life as fieldwork.

Eternally gathering. 


Human practice.

Shared action & play. 

A form of questioning and connectivity. 

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